Community registered design in OHIM.

– Safe and convenient way to watch a movie during the trip.
– Secure. Alternative to plastic tablet holders, which are often unstable and have protruding, dangerous elements.
– High quality. Sewn with good quality materials.
– Easy to install. Attached adjustable rubber strap with Velcro.
– Easy to use. Transparent window on the tablet is made of foil, which allows free operation. On each side of Frome there is a cut for the cable.
– Fastened with Velcro. Safe clasp when traveling.
– Easy to clean. Covered with waterproof material.
– Compatible. Fits most car seats and head restraints, as well as to most tablet sizes: 7; 8; 9.6; 9.7; 10; 10.1; 10.2 inches.

– Window size : 28 x 21 cm

Constitution of materials:
– outside: 100% polyester (the window covered with PVC),
– filling: 100% polyethylene foam.

Available colors:
– black,
– gray.


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