Community registered design in OHIM.

Remedy for boredom during travels.

– Traveller’s table makes it easy to play while travelling either by car, plane, train or coach.
– Compatible with the majority of children’s seats and buggies with bails.
– It comes in handy while drawing, playing, doing jigsaw puzzles or eating while travelling.
– Safe – made from soft foam.
– Transparent pocket on the table-top – includes a map of Poland / Europe for children or gives a possibility of inserting your child’s drawing.
– Easy fastening – fastening strap behind the child’s seat/back/buggy.
– Side pockets – organizers for favourite toys, books or a drink.
– Side walls – prevent items from falling on the floor.

Set contains:
– table,
– map,
– coloring book “Family during travel”,
– packaging of soft foil zipper.

Dimensions: 45x37x6

Constitution of materials:
– outside: 100% polyester covered with PVC,
– filling: 100% polyethylene foam,
– net: 100% poliester.

Available colors:
– black,
– gray,
– blue,
– red,
– pink,
– violet.


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