Car Mirror

A car mirror is a useful gadget for everyday travel with a newborn, toddler or older child who uses a rear-facing baby car seat. Thanks to it, the driver might have eye contact with the child all the time while driving the car! Without stopping, turning back the head, it is possible to see child’s behavior and react properly. The mirror ensures a peaceful and safe journey!


– Safety – Light construction, unbreakable materials, stable fastening.

– Acrylic glass, 100% durability – The mirror does not break when hit.

– Smooth regulation of position (360 degree adjustability) without the need to move rearview mirror.

– Soft Touch – Aesthetic and matte finish giving an elegant look.

– Large and convex mirror – wide-angled view.

– Clear reflection – The mirror does not deform the vision of the child’s face.

– Special, soft padding on the fastening part secure against damage.

– Convenient assembly – Stable fastening on the back headrest or on the equipment of the car with four adjustable straps.

– Universal – Suitable for the most of headrests. .

Material: ABS, Acrylic glass, polyester

Dimensions: 30.5 x 20 cm

Black colour

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