2 Car Sun Shade Socks

TULOKO car window sun covers ensure a comfortable journey for the whole family and our pet. An alternative to traditional sun shades – they darken the entire car window without limiting the visibility! They enable easy opening and closing of the glass. Made of breathable, mesh fabric, they guarantee air circulation and protection against insects. They lower the temperature inside the car! Especially useful on hot days.


– Sun protection and heat protection – They reducing heating of the car interior and ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers.

– Protection against insects – Acts as a mosquito net when the glass is open.

– Universal – Darkens the entire rear side windows of the car. Thanks to the elastic fabric and elastic band, they fit most passenger car models (recommended dimensions).

– Car interior ventilation – The nets allow air to pass through and provide fresh air.

– Privacy and security – Due to the darkening of the entire window, the covers restrict visibility to the interior of the car.

– High quality – Made of durable, soft, nylon mesh, strong elastic band and Velcro straps.

– Convenient assembly – Quick to put on and take off. Pull the covers over the entire window frame. We glue the Velcro strips so that the covers do not pull up.

– Easy to clean: can be washed repeatedly by hand or in the washing machine.

– Easy storage: enclosed, resealable foil wrap. Takes up little space.

The set includes 2 Car Sun Shade Socks and 4 sets of Velcro to stick on the inner side of the door.

Material composition: 100% poliester mesh

Black colour

Dimensions: 50 x 58-95 cm

Please measure your car rear window carefully before purchase!

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